Best Ways to Open Files on a Mac

1. Double tap to Open Files

The essential method to open a record on the Mac — and on Windows too — is to double tap a document. Of course, it opens with the application that is appointed to work with its record type; along these lines, on the off chance that you have Microsoft Office on your Mac, a .doc document opens in Word, and an .xls record opens in Excel. Only one application can open each document type when you double tap it, however as you’ll see beneath, you can open records with different applications, and you can change the default application that opens a given record type.

2. Simplified to Open Files

You can open a record by hauling it onto an application symbol, either in a Finder window, or in the Dock. On the off chance that that application can open the record, it will dispatch (if it’s not previously running) and show the document.

3. Open Files from the Keyboard

You can likewise open a record from the console. Select a document in a Finder window or on the Desktop, and press Command-down-bolt. Similarly as with double tapping, the record opens with the application its document type is related with.

4. Open any File from an Open Dialog

As examined in an ongoing article on The Mac Security Blog about utilizing the Open and Save exchanges, you can open any record from an application’s Open discourse (if that application underpins the document type). Simply press Command-O in your application, explore to the document, select it, and snap Open or press Return.

5. Re-Open a File from the Open Recent Menu

In the event that you’ve dealt with a document in a particular application, you can re-open it from that application’s Open Recent menu. Pick File > Open Recent, at that point select the record. Note that this menu just stores a set number of records.

6. Open Files from a Dock Icon

In the event that you snap and hold an application symbol in your Mac’s Dock, you’ll see that, on the off chance that it can open records, there’s a menu indicating ongoing things. Select a record to open it with that application. As over, this menu just contains a set number of documents.

7. Open Files from the Recent Items Menu

On the off chance that you pick the Apple menu, at that point Recent Items, you’ll see a rundown of ongoing applications, reports, and workers. Select a record from the Documents area, and it opens in its alloted application. You can control the number of things show up in these rundowns from the General sheet of System Preferences.

8. Use Spotlight to Open Files

You can utilize Spotlight to look for documents — by their name, or even by watchwords in their substance — and open them from the outcomes. Simply utilize the bolt keys to choose a record and press Return, or double tap it.

9. Open Files from the Dock

On the off chance that you have added records to one side hand part of the Dock (or the base, on the off chance that you position the Dock on either side of your screen), a solitary snap will open that document.

10. Utilize Quick Look to Open Files

On the off chance that you select a document in the Finder, at that point press the Space bar, you’ll see a review of the record. In the event that you, at that point need to open the record, you can tap the Open With… button at the highest point of the review window. This will show the name of the application that is allocated to open that record type, and it will say, for instance, Open With Numbers.

11. Right-Click to Open Files

On the off chance that you right-click a document in the Finder, you’ll see two menu things: Open and Open With. The previous lets you open the record with the application related with its document type, and the last shows a sub-menu containing all the applications that can open that document. This is the most ideal approach to open a document with an application other than the one that opens its record type naturally.