Instructions to set up another Windows 10 PC entirely in one hour

I have gone through this interaction commonly as the years progressed, in some cases with spic and span, newly unpacked PCs, and different occasions reestablishing a more seasoned PC with a newly arranged framework drive. After this time, I’ve fostered an agenda to guarantee that I don’t miss any critical strides en route.

This post is the furthest down the line full update to the first form I distributed five years prior. It consolidates transforms you’ll experience when utilizing Windows 10 rendition 20H2 and later.

I just went through this cycle again with a five-year-old work area PC, supplanting the SATA SSD with an advanced NVMe module in a PCIe Gen3 x4 connector. The whole cycle took not exactly 60 minutes, and the distinction in execution was just about as great as the first overhaul from hard drive to SSD was five years prior. Assuming you need to do likewise with your more seasoned PC or PC, follow this agenda.

With an unformatted or newly designed framework drive, you’ll need to begin by introducing Windows 10. Download the installer records for the current form from the Get Windows 10 page and utilize the Media Creation Tool to make a bootable USB drive. (In the event that you need an update on the cycle, see my FAQ: “How to introduce, reinstall, redesign, and initiate Windows 10.”)


Without a functioning association with the Internet, you will not have the option to do a lot of anything. Indeed, the vast majority of the leftover strides on this agenda require an Internet association.

For most PCs sold in the previous five years, the underlying Windows 10 organization drivers turn out great. At the point when you venture through the Out of Box Experience (OOBE) segment of the cycle, Windows Setup will utilize a current wired association or brief you for Wi-Fi accreditations. After you finish arrangement and get to the Windows work area, go to Settings > Network and Internet > Status. On the off chance that you see a showcase like this, you’re all set.

I keep a USB-based Ethernet connector (Amazon has a gigantic determination, remembering some strong entertainers for the $10-20 territory) convenient for those uncommon events when Windows doesn’t have an inherent driver for the organization connector, however I didn’t require it for this work.

Then, go to Settings > Update and Security > Activation to affirm that you introduced the right Windows version and that your establishment is appropriately actuated. On the off chance that you see an issue with both of those settings, you’ll need to determine the issue prior to going any further. See this article for some investigating help: “How to update from Windows 10 Home to Pro for nothing.”


In case you’re setting up a PC that is overseen by your corporate IT division, you’ll need to adhere to their directions, likely utilizing an Azure AD account. For an individual PC, however, I suggest that you utilize a free Microsoft account. (Befuddled by your alternatives? See “Windows 10 arrangement: Which client account type would it be a good idea for you to pick?”)

Then, at that point, set up two-venture check to shield your record from being undermined by somebody who takes or phishes your certifications. This setting (now and again called multifaceted verification or two-factor confirmation) makes it significantly more hard for an assailant to access your record.

You’ll discover bit by bit directions here: “How to secure your Microsoft record and guard it from outside aggressors.” Installing the free Microsoft Authenticator application and interfacing it to your record adds a reward highlight: The following time you set up that record on a PC or cell phone, you can avoid the secret phrase and sign in by reacting to a brief on your cell phone. You can likewise recuperate your record considerably more effectively in the occasion you fail to remember your secret word.


Encoding the substance of your framework drive shields you from a horrible situation: Your PC is lost or taken, and a hoodlum can boot from a removable gadget and peruse its substance without risk of punishment. Your best assurance is to scramble the whole gadget so its substance are simply accessible to you or somebody with the recuperation key.

Microsoft utilizes the BitLocker brand name for the encryption devices accessible in business versions of Windows, including Windows 10 Pro. For guidelines on the best way to empower BitLocker encryption, see “Use BitLocker to encode your framework drive.”